It’s Okay to Let Them Go.


We feel this pain often. Some more often than others, but everybody goes through it at some point in time. The pain of having to let somebody go. We aren’t obligated to keep those that hurt us in our lives. We shouldn’t feel ashamed of letting them go because sometimes, the only person that knows what’s best for you is you.

A few months ago, I found myself with an overwhelming amount of stress to the point where I felt down on a daily basis. I had to make a decision that I knew would change my life and I tried to avoid it as often as possible. I had to decide whether to keep the person I thought would always be there for me in my life or to let them go. I had been reminded of the toxicity of this relationship, and I prayed on it. Oh man, did I pray. I knew I dealt with this extreme sadness for too long, and I was ready to be happy. I decided to let that person go. That day I felt like a butterfly escaping its cocoon.

We shouldn’t feel guilty for putting ourselves first. We aren’t obligated to keep negativity in our lives. Life is too short. I learned that the only people I need in this life are the ones that make me feel beautiful, and wanted, and important, and worthy of their love. You have to remind yourself that you are worthy of fulfilling good relationships, and it’s okay to let the harmful ones go.

Our God is the cause and effect. God allows people to take residency in our lives, and it’s ultimately up to us on what we do with the time they are with us. Should we keep that one person that we love to death, but allows us to go to bed with watery eyes and a heavy heart? The person that brings us down and controls our feelings? No. Well, we don’t have to. Every person that enters our lives gives us something to learn from. Whether they are there for a few a minutes, a few months, or many years. They teach us things about ourselves and about the world that we live in. For example, you may have not liked a certain quality or disliked that quality until you met someone who possessed it.

Sometimes the Lord puts us through situations to see how we will react. It’s essentially up to us how we will handle things. Just remember one thing: If somebody doesn’t make you happy, no matter who they are or their relationship to you, it’s okay to let them go.

 words by Tiffany Campbell and photo by Mandie Harper

My name is Tiff. I’m a college student majoring in nursing. I live in south Florida and I love being outdoors. Vanilla chai tea and Jesus are always the answer. Jeremiah 29:11.


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