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Being Empowered Versus Being The Perfect Fit.

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Typically, the average person chooses a career based on what they believe they are the best at. We may look to personality tests, previous encouragements, or even turn to our parents to ask about our gifts, and based on what we discover they are, turn in an application and choose a career. One’s career and work location seems to be solely based on the individuals attainment and ability, causing pressure to abound and fear to continually leak in like a dripping faucet. So we choose a career that fits our gifting, but what happens when we find out we don’t fit the job perfectly? What if we discover that the thing we are “best” at, turns out to be not enough? Well, the problem is not that your gifting doesn’t match that certain job, but rather you will in fact never match any job perfectly… Yes, your gifting, personality and ability will play a part in a successful career, but no matter where you work or what you dedicate your time to, the standard of perfection will not be met as it pertains to the work place, or anywhere.

Now, what I want to ask you is do you choose your career based on what you believe you are best at or what you are most dependent and empowered for? We so often try to find a job that will almost feel “effortless” due to how it fits us like a puzzle piece, but I want to shift your perspective a little bit. Maybe the gap that develops in the place of our inability leaves room for something much greater. Maybe our imperfection allows us to be dependent, and therefore empowered. And maybe, just maybe, being empowered by an eternally perfect God who refers to Himself as our refuge time and time again is far better than feeling fleetingly self sufficient on our own only for a moment. We strive for self sufficiency in our jobs, hoping we are good enough, but how much more freeing and beautiful is the concept of being empowered? This doesn’t look at our gap of inability as a an un-fixable downfall, but as a means of seeing God’s strength more clearly and personally when we won’t meet the standard. It is not a matter of “if” we do not meet it, but “when”. Perhaps our gap is the most beautiful thing about our career, because it is the place where He meets us, while also meeting our need.

Empowerment is not individually fueled, but rather dependent upon another, Jesus Christ. Just because you believe you are called to a certain place does not mean you are meant to be self sufficient in completing it. We may not be the most qualified for a certain responsibility, but the one who called us and set us on that path is, and promises to empower us. Teaching is something I feel dependent in. I am inadequate in my patience, my energy, and even my words and confidence, but the Lord who called me to that profession will provide me with the means to carry through, and the empowerment to do so. There is a gap in everything I do, but the most beautiful thing about my life is that His grace and provision meets me there, and far exceeds in meeting it! He not only meets my gap, but uses it to bring Him glory and point others to Him.

Overall, when looking to choose a career, do not turn away from what you believe you are being led to because you feel inadequate or afraid. Though your gifting and passions should be considered, they are not the determining factor. Rather, see your inability as a way to be dependent and therefore empowered. Why would we settle for that fleeting human self sufficiency that lasts today when we are offered eternally perfect empowerment that lasts a lifetime? One focuses on our self, one focuses on Another. Follow His leading, trusting His leading also is accompanied by His empowerment to continue the journey. They come hand in hand, as they teach us to walk hand in hand.

Psalm 73:26

“My heart and my flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

words and photo by Kylie Hultgren

Currently a college student studying to be an Elementary Education Teacher, but in the meantime (as most of life is “in the meantime”), I am taking joy in the little blessings that come my way. I do not think we live magnificent, dramatic, celebrity lives, but rather lives of simplicity, so writing about and taking joy in the little things is something just about everyone can relate to. I write so that the passions in my heart can be transformed into words that glorify my Savior Jesus Christ.


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