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Have Courage In Yourself.


Don’t let people walk all over you. You’re a human being, not something they can just pick up and then drop whenever they feel like it. Know yourself worth and that it’s not right for you to be treated that way. Anyone who does so doesn’t appreciate you the way you should be appreciated.

I’ve been walked over and used a lot in my life, and now I know when enough is enough. I refuse to be someone who is not treated with the respect of a human being with feelings. Because that’s what they tend to forget, people who treat others this way usually don’t care for your feelings, the thought doesn’t even enter their minds.

If someone is treating you in a way that undermines your worth as a human being then that relationship, no matter what kind of relationship it is, is unhealthy. Anyone who puts you down for the sole reason to make themselves feel better or treat you so badly that you feel insignificant and worthless is not worth your time. I had a friendship like this, at first I thought it was great, normal and the way I felt about myself was just because of my many flaws which were constantly pointed out to me. I felt so insignificant and disgusted with myself that I started to hate the way I looked, the way I acted, everything about myself. But then one day I was pushed too far, and I’d had enough. Standing up for myself was the best decision I ever made. I began to feel more confident in myself without having someone put me down, I began to reconnect with people who loved me for me and accepted me with all my flaws and I began to feel whole again. I began to feel happy.

Throughout the whole situation, I asked for help, guidance and support, and I guess I was heard. I managed to find the will within myself to accept who I was as a whole and have the courage to begin my journey to self-love.

A person should not define themselves by how others see them but how they see themselves. If the person you see in front of you is a person you are ashamed to be, then you have the power to change that and be the person who you wish to be. Everyone starts somewhere, no one knows exactly who they are but its about the journey towards understanding.

I look back at these memories, the way I felt about myself and the people who encouraged that feeling and, instead of regret, I feel thankful for the way I handled it. If I hadn’t found the courage to stand up for myself, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I may not be more confident in my abilities. I may not have met the most amazing people. I may not have been those few steps closer to self-love.

My hope and faith in the future is what keeps me motivated and assured. Whatever path there is for me out there, I am excited to pursue it, excited to uncover new aspects of myself and see the world differently.

words by Hayley Cox and photo by Hannah Jin

I’m just your average girl from the UK studying English Literature in my second year of University. I use my writing as a form of expression with the hope that I can connect with others out there who share the emotions and experiences I have been through myself.

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