When You’ve Lost Your Faith.

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It’s easy to lose faith when it seems as though life has been at its most difficult. Everything is going wrong, the world you live in is falling apart. I know that when tragedy had touched my life, it felt like the places I called home had set ablaze, and I was left sleeping on a heap of ashes, the glowing embers reminding me of all the good that once was and now is not. In the midst of it, I’ve found my own meager ways of defeating these moments of divergence.

Look to the last hurdle you were faced with. In Proverbs 4:23 it says “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Your heart is the centre of your soul. It is where your altruism, tenderness, joy, peace, and faith resides. When tragedy greets you, that tenderness and joy is replaced with fear and anger. Sooner or later I realized that in these moments of trying times I was enduring were fragments in my life that I had conquered and overcome. Over and over and over again. Remember that the condition of the situation may not change, but you can change you’re reaction to it.

We all have our own mountains to overthrow, day in and day out. We experience heart-rending trials that test our faith until our energy runs dry. But in these fragile moments, when you are feeling the sting of the setback, God is preparing your surmounting comeback. I promise you that after the storm passes you will come back stronger. Ecclesiastes 3:1 describes this preeminently, “There are times and seasons for everything. Wherever life puts you, plow the ground, plant the seed, water the seed and wait for the harvest.” And so, through this, you will continue to grow, you are constantly growing into a wiser and stronger individual.

Even in the dingiest and unilluminated days, prosperity leaves traces…you just need to look for them. The answers lie all around you. Look towards the people who are struggling with loss and are trying their best to fill the void thats been left in their heart. Sadly, many people are struggling with the same heart-wrenching cards they’ve been dealt. So you might ask yourself “What do I do in this situation?” We don’t have the answers to every pending question in the trials of life. But through all of these personal hardships that I too have endured, I have begun to comprehend God’s purpose for the pain and uncertainty in my life. Instead of losing my faith, I used it to see strength, sincerity, and unconditional love. Hold onto your faith because it will foster your spirit of endurance, because you will overcome this. When you find yourself in the midst of a predicament that seems unconquerable, your faith and endurance will be there to guide you.

words and photo by Sam Szostak

twenty years. this is my heart and mind reaching out to yours.


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