A Radical Lifestyle.

I’ve been challenged lately more than ever before, but in the best way. I’ve heard stories upon stories of the Lord doing insane things. Crazy healings, physical encounters with Jesus, thousands of dollars randomly showing up at just the perfect time, you name it. Today. He still does it. Miracles are not things that are meant to stay in the days of the bible. This is real stuff, my friends. For us. Now.

Jesus promises that we will be able to do even crazier things than He even did (John 14:12). But I feel like I’ve lived most of my life on the safe side. The side where I make sure that I have everything taken care of. Maybe it’s a lack of faith, maybe it’s a need for control, or maybe it’s just the natural tendency to follow in the path that my culture has set up for me. But how are we supposed to see the Lord provide miraculously financially when we are so set on making sure we have a massive savings account, a retirement plan, and a back up to the back up. When would the Lord even have time to supernaturally heal our headaches when our first instinct is to take Advil before we even pray.

We get so busy trying to make ourselves so comfortable that we leave His power out of the equation. We leave no room for Him to be Lord of our lives because we have already taken up control in every area and left Him right out of it. When we have the right view of who Jesus is and our internal is locked in to that truth and that reality, it won’t matter what happens on the external. When our confidence is in His promises and not our experiences we can truly be at rest. We can see Him work in unimaginable ways.

Radical things follow radical people who live radical lives. There is no room for compromise in the radical lifestyle. There is no room for settling. There is not a single moment set aside for apathy in this lifestyle. Every decision, action, and moment that we live should not only be honoring to the Lord, but also done out of loving, radical obedience. He needs to be invited in to every single situation that we find ourselves facing. When we have the right view of who our God is, sold out obedience is the easiest and only thing we could ever do. We need to allow ourselves to be in situations that allow our God to show off. To provide, to heal, and to transform, in Jesus name.

words by Kirsten Larson and photo by Hannah Jin

Lover of life, Seeker of Him.
20. Canadian born. Currently residing in Maui, HI.
Coffee, beach, & Jesus enthusiast.

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