Spiritual Haircut.

Recently I got about 6 inches of my hair chopped off, and I learned something about my Saviour.

Yes, yes I am about to attempt to spiritualise a trip to the hairdressers.

Just for context purposes: up until this haircut I’d been sporting a mass of thick, unruly curls. I was in desperate need of some profession hair care.

My hairdresser spent a good 20 minutes de-tangling my hair before she even picked up her scissors, then she straightened the waves and finally got to work.

The thing about going to the hairdressers is that with no laptop in front of you, no phone to scroll on, you end up with nothing to do but attempt avoiding eye-contact with others in the mirror. For a good hour or so you’re forced to just think.

Apart from the strained small talk with the complete stranger touching my scalp (anyone else a bit weirded out by this?!) I normally find the experience restful because it forces me to sit still, away from any screens, and just be.

The woman brushed gently but with a firmness, she didn’t want to harm me but was completely determined to get my hair in better shape. Watching her at work I let my mind drift, and I found myself reflecting on times where I’ve gone to God for a spiritual haircut. There have been times when life’s been messy, and I’ve needed him to bring a sense of order and harmony into the chaos.

Ever let your hair get in such bad state that you’re pretty embarrassed to let a hair dresser see it? (story of my life). Well, there is no embarrassment with God. We can go to Him with our tangles. He isn’t afraid of the awkward knots. He’s armed with a great quality brush, and he wants to help you straighten out the mess.

He will be gentle, but if you open your heart and let Him work, He will be firm and determined. There’s no second-rate job with our Lord.

When we go to God for a spiritual haircut, we have to remember that we can’t just pop in the chair and a few hours later we’ll be strutting out the door with perfect, cat-walk-ready locks. We need to climb into that chair daily, present Him with the heavy tangles and the frustrating split-ends, and let Him get to work. A spiritual haircut is a process. Regardless of the state of your finances, relationships (or hair!), He’s gone ahead and has a perfect plan for you.

words by Ella Connolly and photo by Cate Willis

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