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My Life as an Elevation Intern.

Ok, ok…I know you’re all extremely curious about what it’s like to be “inside Elevation,” and what my life is truly like. Unfortunately for you all, I’ve only been an intern for a whole 3 days (HA), and so I don’t know all of the cool spots in Charlotte or what it’s like to serve at the Worship Experiences every week just quite yet. But, what I do know, is what an extreme honor it is to be here. I get to be a part of this amazing organization and play a special role in advancing the Kingdom in such a unique and special way.

These past three days have been exhausting, overwhelming, inspiring, and nothing short of incredible. I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with staff, sit in on some pretty amazing meetings, learn about the history of the church, work my booty off (who would’ve thought I was this out of shape?), and meet some extraordinary people. In the midst of all of the chaos that comes with the first week of interning, I’ve found myself asking how I even got here. How did this insignificant Bible college student from California get to this place? And then it hit me; God is FOR me and wants to see all of my dreams come true…and more. Right now you’re probably either thinking “Well DUH!” or “God doesn’t actually make things happen,” but regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, I’m here to remind you that you are just a human. No matter how hard you work or try, you can never get yourself to a place that God can simply place you in.

It might seem like a harsh truth, but my prayer is that you find comfort in knowing that God can dream and bring those dreams to reality in way bigger and better ways than you ever could. With that being said, I encourage you to step out. Be bold. Be brave. Apply for that job. Apply for that internship. Talk to that leader. Step up and volunteer. It may seem hard, and fear might tempt you to stay static and content in where you’re at, but it is in these opportunities that God meets us in spectacular ways. If I would have never applied for this internship, I would have never experienced the intentionality of God, the specific ways He wanted to reveal Himself to my heart, or the immense love He has shown to me in these three short days (I’m already sad that I have to leave at the end of the summer).

Remember that our God is a God of action, and a God of dreams. He is a God that is for you, and is a champion for your cause. He wants to take your wildest dreams and make them better than you could ever imagine for yourself. If you’re in a place of doubt and disappointment, find your hope in Jesus and know that He wants to take you to big places and bless you beyond your wildest dreams, because you are His child and He loves you. His intentions and plans for you are big, they are grand, they are unfathomable, and He can do something about it.

words by Shannon Dunn and photo by Kiana Dundore

20. Adventurer. Bible college student. California girl livin' in Virginia. Addicted to coffee. In love with Jesus.


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