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Liar, Liar.

I know who I am, trust me I really do.. But sometimes, I find myself believing lies about myself. I look in the mirror and think that I’m not pretty enough, skinny enough, generally just “enough.” I find myself overcome with anxiety, and I have even had to fight depression in my life. What I’ve found about these things, the things that want to break me, is that they’re lies.

You heard me, anxiety is a lie.

Depression is a lie.

Your worthlessness, a big fat lie.

As you come to know the voice of the Lord, it’s so much easier to notice the voice that isn’t His. You know it well, the voice of insecurity and doubt. The voice that seeks to tear you down and break you apart. That isn’t the voice of my kind Papa. No, in fact, the Lord is fighting the lies. Every day I can see him ripping apart the lies; He won’t let those win.

I realize that when I give into the lies, what I’m doing is partnering with the wrong side. I want to be an advocate for truth, and that starts in my heart, it starts by partnering with truth even when it’s hard.

I think one of the biggest lies I believed (and still sometimes do, don’t get me wrong) is that I’m not pretty. I realized that when I spoke that kind of death over myself, I began to believe it. When I told myself that I was ugly, what I saw was ugly. But when I decided to stop believing in lies, I started to see the truth so very clearly. I am so beautiful! My God, the God who created the universe thought the world might need me in it as well! Boy, was He right! I am so important, so loved, and I can do things nobody else can! Come on!

I’ve been listening to a song that says “there’s no wall you won’t kick down, lie you won’t tear down coming after me.” The line holds so much weight for me because I get to see visions of Jesus literally ripping apart lies. if He hates it, so do I. I thought for a while, “why would He tear down lies, really?” I’ve come to find that besides the fact that lies hinder us as people, the lies also can separate us from God. When we start to believe an untruth, shame comes in. Shame makes us want to hide our faces from the perfection of the Father, and he can’t stand that! He wants us to know how near he is. Shame is a lie.

As you read this, I’m SURE you can think of a lie you’ve given in to. If it’s not in God’s word, if you don’t think Jesus would sing it over you, let’s call it a lie. Whether that be anxiety, depression, a feeling of worthlessness, or even thinking that you’re not beautiful, right now I want to challenge you; call it out as a lie! Partner with the truth. You have the power to captivate your thoughts and let the Lord make them so, so beautiful. We don’t believe in lies, and we’re advocates for the truth!

words by Samantha Imada and photo by Cate Willis

19. dreamer by design. missionary here, there, and everywhere. lover. doer. using my art for his glory.

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