Your Rescuer is Coming.

This article might be a little bit short, but honestly, it may be one of the most real ones I’ve written. I began writing this short encouragement to myself as I was really struggling with where I stood with God, feelings of inadequacies and anxiety about the future. The struggles I write about in this short paragraph are real. They require day-by-day fights and prayers. The truth that I write about in this paragraph blows Satan’s schemes and attacks out of the water. The Lord is fighting for us. We can have confidence in Him as we walk step by step in obedience even through our struggles. Here it is; a letter to myself and to you.

Ya know? Sometimes life just really sucks. And you feel like you can’t see a way out of your dark and seemingly hopeless present circumstance. Because there is none. We are broken sinners in desperate need of a rescuer who will pick us up and take us far away from our fear, depression, anxiety, pain and guilt. One who will take us and remind us again of our worth and our purpose. If we believe, we have hope that we will see our Rescuer. He will do what he has promised he would do. He hurts to know we hurt. In our waiting for His return, we rejoice because with our every failure, we are reminded of our need for our Rescuer. One who was perfect so we don’t have to be and one who does not want us to carry the weight of our mistakes anymore. He sees us carrying more than we can handle and asks that we let Him carry it all. He sees us almost give up. He sees us losing our faith that He is coming. He sees us questioning why He isn’t here already. We all feel like this at some point, and most of us feel guilty for it. That’s why He sends us blessings to remind us who we are to Him. We are chosen. We are special. We were built, literally created piece by piece, for a great purpose. He loves us more than we can even fathom! Even when the blessings seem sparse, we can see proof of His love in His Word as we meditate on the Truth. He loves when we talk to him about our day. About the things we love with every ounce of our being. About our fears. About our struggles. About our desire for Him. When we pour out our hearts to Him. He wants to hear everything. He’s on His way to sweep us off our feet and carry us away from the danger seemingly looming over us, drawing closer and closer day by day. He is fighting with a love so scandalous it required death on a cross. He will fight the fight we can’t fight and will defeat our biggest and scariest foes. Rejoice while you wait, sweet sisters. Your Rescuer is coming. And you are so free.

words by Camryn Reeves and photo by Ivy Hansen

19. Student at Ouachita Baptist University. Aspiring professional homework-doer. Lover of coffee, my hammock, autumn, 90s rom-coms, and my homeboy, Jesus. Resident of Arkansas.

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