Little City Spotlight: Kaetlyn Kennedy.

Kaetlyn Kennedy is a 20-year-old business major who calls Ohio home. She is also the woman behind, through which she shares the importance of living naturally and sustainably in a culture in a culture that tells us we need convenience and consumerism. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born in North East Ohio and I’ve lived around the area my whole life. I moved quite a few times when I was younger, and for a couple years we lived in the same house my mom grew up in. I really cherish that experience and it has always been one of my favorite houses. Eventually we settled in a small town where I’ve been living with my family for the past 12 years. I live with my mom, my two younger brothers, and my animals! I was raised a Christian but was always a “go to church because that’s what I was raised to do” type of Christian. I never really lived it out in my daily life. It wasn’t until I was out of high school that I realized what a real relationship with Christ looked like, and that was when I stopped being a fan of Jesus, and became a follower.

How did you stumble upon a career/hobby in blogging?

Growing up I was always more on the creative side and would always choose a craft over sports. In seventh grade I got my first camera, and I’ve been in love with photography ever since then. At the beginning of 2016 I wanted to create a space where I could share my photos, words, recipes, etc. – someplace that wasn’t Instagram. Also at that time, I was beginning my journey towards more natural and organic living, and I wanted to share that with others. I had also just finished my first semester of college, and I truly still had no idea what I was going to do with my life. I’ve always known that a typical 9-5 job is not for me. But little did I know that the blog I started would turn into a platform that has brought me so many opportunities and will definitely play a huge role in my future and career.

Can you name an experience while pursuing this career/hobby that has stuck with you?

This may sound weird, but the first time I got a negative message about my blog and business really stuck with me, but in a good way. Along with my blog, I also run an Etsy shop, and back when it was still in the works of blossoming, I had gotten a message basically calling my blog and Etsy a failure. I’m definitely one to take negative messages like that to heart and I certainly could have let it get to me. I easily could have just thrown it all away, stopped blogging, stopped creating, stopped putting myself out there. But I didn’t. God told me to trust Him with my blog and my business, and so I did. Despite that negative message I received, I kept going. And the moment I did, everything I created started to flourish. I really saw God working through that experience and it has continued to serve as a reminder that when I tune into what God says instead of what the enemy says, I will see my life bloom.

What advice would you give for young women finding their feet in this field?

Stay true to who you are. Nowadays, with the internet at our fingertips, it’s easy to compare and become engrossed with someone else’s life. My best advice is to stop trying to be like her, and be like you! Whenever I would get caught up in comparison and trying to match someone else’s style is when my blogging or photography wasn’t my best. When you try to be like someone else, you’re only setting yourself back in your creativity and career. This is something I wish I realized sooner. We are all given different gifts, and all have an eye for different styles. Embrace that and don’t be afraid to make what you’re given your own.

What have these experiences meant in your walk with Christ?

Being able to see God work through my passions is amazing. For a while I was really wondering if my call to create was actually valid. I had this idea that the only way to reach people through Christ is to be a pastor, missionary, etc. But now I can see how my work as an artist/blogger can actually reach people and make a difference in their lives. I’m doing what I’m passionate about and I’m able to use that to share Christ with others. And that means everything to me because that’s my ultimate goal here on Earth.

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