If Your Heart Doesn’t Know What Else To Do With Itself.

I have been trying to think of what to write and what to put out there.

Nothing profound. Nothing gasp-worthy, really.

I don’t feel like there are too many big issues to be solved in my life, nor have I been given any grand solutions to the ones that exist. But, what I do know is that our Dad has been so good. And that’s something we should take into our conversations with Him.

Fingers intertwined and eyes closed, I listened intently as my pastor called anyone up who felt like they needed prayer. While he named off the circumstances we discussed during the sermon, he ended with this: “And if anyone just wants prayer because they want to thank Jesus for rescuing them. Please. Come up for that, too. I don’t think we do that enough—thank Jesus for coming and rescuing us.”

My heart smiled and my soul did flips, and I knew I was supposed to come up front to receive prayer for the latter bit of my pastor’s example requests.

I couldn’t even remember the last time I had really let God know that I was thankful. And there was something so gorgeous about having a dear friend lay her hand on me and thank Jesus on my behalf.

Why don’t we pray like this more often? Why don’t we fall to our knees only to thank Him? Nothing to request. Nothing to expound. But rather to let Him know how incredibly thankful we are for being redeemed and restored.

Now, I do not believe God wants this only to be puffed up and selfishly admired— but out of the enormous adoration He overflows onto us, we can naturally extend a “Oh hey, just wanted to say thanks.” Just as naturally as you would wholeheartedly thank that sweet friend of yours who always pours out grace, love, and time onto you.

My heart was in need of just recognizing the sacrifice our sweet Jesus made in order to have a relationship with us. My spirit was beyond itself to have a beloved sister help in bringing thankfulness to His throne alongside me.

So, as I said before, what I have to say is not super outrageous–

Thank Him for making you free from all that once separated you from Him. You can no longer be separated. Nothing can cause you to move too far away. If your heart doesn’t know what else to do with itself right now, sit still and simply thank our beautiful Rescuer.

words by Kayla Scott and photo by Hannah Jin

A conversationalist and coffee-enthusiast with a purposeful and intentional heart for the nations, people, and the One who created them all.


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