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“Walk with Jesus.”

I think we’ve all heard this phrase before, whether its “my walk with Jesus” or “your walk with Jesus,” “her walk with Jesus” or “his walk with Jesus,” its been heard, its been taught, its been learned.

Although we’ve heard this phrase over and over again, I think a lot of us, especially me, tend to skip over the meaning of the word “walk.” Growing up I think we were all taught that the quicker you get somewhere the better, we’ve grown up in a go go go society, never once taking the opportunity to look up from our busy schedules and take a glimpse at the mountains being moved, the hills being climbed, and the miracles taking place.

Everyone has experienced traffic in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s dead stopped on I-395 (Washington, D.C. people–you know what I mean), or just slow moving traffic when school gets out for fall break. Either way, it’s crowded. Very crowded. I’ve noticed that with traffic comes impatience, road rage, distractions, really just things that aren’t good for the soul…or the passengers. This same principle can be applied to our lives, and I think it’s mainly because we get so wrapped up with this idea that we have to do what everyone else does. You know the deal: the typical go to college, get a job, get married, work a 9-5, have a family, etc. We get so consumed with the lie the enemy has placed in our minds that this pattern is the only way we’ll find happiness and success.

So, why do we get on those roads and interstates that are filled with multitudes of people? Well, quite frankly, that’s usually the fastest way to our destination; these are the routes that will bring us the least amount of twists and turns in the shortest amount of time.

Can I just tell you that Jesus offers us so much more than that? What would it look like if we put all our hope and trust in Him, instead of letting it all fall on our misguided, fragile, and uncertain plates? What would it look like if we chose to take the first exit off of the over-crowded interstate, and recklessly follow a Savior through the twists and turns of the beautiful back roads? See, so often times we get in such a hurry to reach our destination, but if we, as believers, know that our final destination is our home in heaven, what’s the rush? We are not called to a life of complacency. We are not called to a life of following what everyone else does with blinders strapped to our curious eyes, never seizing the opportunity to open them up and take in the wonders of this world. I don’t know about you but there’s something welcoming about the idea of walking with my Friend and Savior, and walking slow enough that He can take the time to teach me and show me the marvels of wildly following Him.

You may be well on your way to a crowded “interstate” life, just like I can be a lot of the time, but I encourage you, sister, to take the first exit off that highway and enter into a curious, unique pathway that has been designed for only you. Walk slow, don’t be in a rush, and experience the sweet taste of all that Jesus has for you while learning as much as you can from Him, because He has so much to teach you.

words and photo by Sarah Mohan

A 20-year-old college girl with a knack for loving people, loving Jesus, and being extremely passionate about intentional conversations and creation for The Kingdom.


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