A Journal Entry for the Defeated Dreamers.

“When the Great Dreamer says ‘Dream,’ you dream. So, here I am.

I dream of a life full of meaning and moments. I dream of still mornings that pave way for reflection and becoming. I dream of a marriage characterized by connection, honesty, and choice. I dream of a family that smiles and shares meals together. I dream of a home with many windows and a lot of character, with a porch and a backyard. I dream of a community who champions, cries, dreams, and runs together. I dream of creativity that boasts of the glory of God, one that could not be of my own accord – one that makes sinners stare. I dream of shelves laden with novels, biographies, and literature that feeds the mind and soul. I dream of companionship so dear that time begs to be full of it. I dream of nearness that chokes out loneliness, shame, and possibilities of unfaithfulness. I dream of a love that possesses my being, from my cells to my skin, radiating through every breath I breathe. I dream of a life full of meaning and a love that never dies.

I dream of places that echo of history – stories. I dream of lands where no man has made footprints. I dream of people who have never heard of my Savior’s story, I dream of nations that kindle upon the treading of the feet of those who bring Good News. I dream of countries 10,000 miles away. I dream of oceans blue and waters deep whose reflections feature the sun’s brilliance overwhelming the surface of our earth. I dream of galaxies that haven’t been discovered and stars that have died millions of years ago that I gaze upon night by night. I dream of creation’s longing for me to know my name and sing my song of redemption.

I dream of the smell of campfire and leaves crushed into the clothes of a child whose spirit is free of inhibition. I dream of the dance of David before God that embodied a love once thought beyond the grasp of man with God. I dream of the sound of the breath breathed into Adam as his form was crafted. I dream of the Garden and all that was lost when lies robbed of our inheritance. I dream of the blood of Jesus covering every inch and crevice of His being as He bought it all back for me. I dream of the sound of the prodigals returning home. I dream of the smile of the Father when I look at Him.

I dream of revival, of awakening. I dream of sons finding their names and daughters believing their worth. I dream of a Church ready for the coming of it’s Beloved. I dream of His face in glory.”


I wrote this entry in the middle of a season where my hopes felt out of my reach and my dreams were hidden in a cave. In some ways, they still feel that way – but they’re waking up. Dreaming with God sang over them, and they began to blink away the sleep from their eyes. What dreams are hiding deep within the caverns of your being? I encourage you to get alone with Abba and let Him breathe into the places that feel barren in your heart. Let your hope arise in the light of His love, and let the Great Dreamer teach you to dream again.

words by Olivia Douglas and photo by Sarah Mohan

Wide-eyed optimist with a zealous passion for Jesus. Adventurer determined to devour life and make the most of every moment. Broken vessel with a great need for God. Writer. Photographer. Story-teller.

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