This Beleaguered Life.

Life.  Life is a complicated mess of relationships, friendships, school, and realities. It is what we wake up to everyday after we push the snooze button at least three times. It is when you are already late to work or class and get stuck at every red light. It is when your professor gives no grace. It is the struggle. But let’s get more real. Life is when you are crying in your bed at 2 in the morning because that’s the only time you are alone and no one will see you. It is when your friend turns on you and you do not know what to do. It is when you find out that someone you love has gone against you.  It is when someone you love breaks a promise. It is when everything goes south, and you have no control

This world, this life, is hard. We never got a “no pain guaranteed” pass, although that would be nice. We go through ups and downs. But the cool part about this life is that we have someone with us every step of the way.  Our God never leaves us or forsakes us. He is the one that picks us up after the countless times we have fallen.  He is the one that whispers in my ear to take another step when it feels like I can not. He is the one that blesses me with good times to make up for the bad. He is the one that puts purpose in our suffering. He is the center.  And because of this fact, we can learn to lean into our weaknesses, our trials, and our scars. With Jesus at the center, we can learn to move on from who we were and grow into the best version of ourselves. On our own, we will never be enough. If our confidence is coming from Instagram likes and followers, we will never measure up in our own eyes.  If our approval comes from our outward appearance, what will we ever truly gain? This world calls for our attention at all sides. And it is so hard to tune it all out and focus on that still small voice, through the trial and the calm, the battle and the victory. With all this being said, I can say that the Lord has been teaching me to remain in Him.

Even if the world may pass me by. Even if my plans begin to fade. Even if the pain I am feeling seems as if it is going to over take me. Even if everything is going wrong. Even if nothing makes sense. Even when you can literally feel your heart hurt inside of your chest.  

He is there.

He is good.

He is enough.

And at the end of the day that is what gets me through. Not the Instagram likes. Not the super cute outfit I wore two days ago. Not the pain my friends or family has caused me.

Rest. He is there. He is good. He is enough.

words and photo by Abby Pullicin


just a girl with big dreams and a big heart for Jesus. following God wherever He calls me and hoping that coffee, photography, and family & friends will be involved in the process.

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