Our generation is constantly on this search to find our purpose. We feel the pressure of needing to do something and needing to be somebody. And we want to surround ourselves with people who inspire us and lift us up in the process.

Little City Magazine aims to build a community of young, creative individuals who follow Christ as we maneuver through His design for our lives. We want to talk and think about the thoughts and ideas we are confronted with everyday, but we want to do it from a perspective of faith that sometimes gets lost in the everyday.

Being the creators and contributors of Little City Magazine, however, does not mean that we have been provided with all of the knowledge this life and the Lord have to give. Rather, it gives us the opportunity to declare how much we have left to learn and delve into the things we hope to understand.

Whether you find your way through words or you view this world through a lens, Little City Magazine is a place to explore our interests, to build a community, and to glorify the One who saved us.

Join us.